Exacto Knife Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Exacto Knife

Exacto knifeThe Exacto knife is extremely sharp and can easily produce a very serious laceration to your skin, if not used carefully. It can effortlessly cut through wood, plastic, linoleum and other hard materials, so imagine how easily it can cut into flesh. Follow these safety tips when using an Exacto knife. Check out the many uses for the Exacto Knife.

10 Safety Tips for Exacto Knife


  1. Never, ever allow children to use an Exacto knife.
  2. Wrap wide elastic around handle for a better grip.
  3. Use a cutting or mat board, when cutting paper or materials.
  4. Always cut away from you, if possible. Do not cut towards yourself.
  5. Keep your Exacto knife in a closed box when not in use.
  6. If using a ruler as a cut guideline, stand to the left or right of the Exacto knife, if cutting in a downward motion.
  7. Be very careful when changing blades in an Exacto knife. One slip and you could end up with a very nasty cut. To change the blade, turn the metal chuck at the end of the handle from right to left, about ½ turn. Pull the knurled collar down until you hear a hard click. Remove the old blade with a small pair of pliers and insert the new metal shank with the same pliers. Turn the chuck from left to right and this will secure the blade.
  8. If your Exacto knife is older and it is difficult to turn the chuck or remove the blade, use a little bit of oil like WD40 on it. Let if sit for a few minutes and it will come loose.
  9. Always clean your Exacto knife before storing it away. Use a soft cloth to remove and any remnants of food, wood or other materials. Hold the blade away from you and wipe on the dull side, not the sharp side. Your Exacto knife can last you for many years when you take care of it.
  10. You should wear safety glasses when using an Exacto knife because if you are pressing, or cutting a hard substance, the tip of the blade can sometimes snap and come flying off.

Use Your Exacto Knife With Care

Use your Exacto knife responsibly and always with care. All it takes is a simple slip and you can give yourself or someone else a very painful cut.

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