Exacto Knife

Learning All About The Exacto Knife


Exacto Knife

Exacto Knife

A very handy tool created for craftsmen, hobbyists, and artists is an Exacto knife. It is pen-sized and features and aluminum handle together with a short, pointed blade that is extremely sharp and can be replaced. This blade is efficient in making precision cuts as well as meticulous carving. Using an Exacto knife in the correct way ensures both safety and proficiency.

Components of Exacto Knife

When starting to use and Exacto knife, one must first be familiar with all of its components. The knife’s aluminum handle features 2 additional parts, which when locked, maintain the position of the blade. It also has a collar that is cylindrical in shape, which is turned counter-clockwise for loosening. As the collar is turned in this direction, the pressure on the collet is loosened as well. The collet holds the blade of the Exacto knife firmly when tightening the collar. The blade of the knife must be replaced as soon as it turns dull or if it is chipped. This is done by getting a good grip on the handle with the blade facing away from the person. Lubricating both the collar and the collet with WD40 helps, should the collar get stuck.

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 Exacto Knife Blade Removal and Change

To remove the blade, the blade must be gripped firmly between the index finger and the thumb, with the sharp edge pointed away. From here, the blade is simply slid out. If the blade is stuck as well, some lubrication and a pair of pliers can do the trick. To place in a new blade, it must then be slid in the collet and the collar tightened, this time in a clockwise direction. Any lubricant that has been left on the blade of the Exacto knife or any of its parts need to be wiped with the use of a dry piece of cloth. It is important to try out the collar to make sure that it has been tightened correctly and that the knife’s blade has not loosened, prior to using the Exacto knife for crafting or carving projects.

The Exacto Knife is a very versatile tool for crafts and hobbies.